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The World of Seche
Innovative. Iconic. Incomparable.

Welcome to the world of Seche, where innovation and high-performance define every nail product beginning with its star top coat.

Establishing a benchmark in 1991, Seche Vite® Dry Fast Top Coat quickly picked up a fiercely loyal following among nail technicians and consumers, thanks to its now-patented single procedure technology that promotes faster drying. Building on the success of Seche Vite, the brand forged ahead to develop equally groundbreaking products that grew its cult following and further cemented its reputation as an industry leader.

Today, Seche satisfies a diverse array of needs with a complete range of performance-driven, affordable nail care products, including base coats, gel effects top coats, and treatments. By meeting the ever-changing needs of nail enthusiasts, Seche proves that it’s more than a top coat pioneer—it’s an advanced nail care product pioneer.